Extract numeric data and dates from string


In column A, there are some alphanumeric entries.  Somewhere in the alphanumeric entries (beginning, middle or end) there are the following: 1. Dates 2. Numbers (without decimals) 3. Numbers (with decimals) Furthermore, there may or may not be spaces between numbers/dates and text entries.  In Excel 2010 and prior versions, the only way to solve this problem would […]

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Validate cell to accept current time


To enable a person to enter current time in a cell, enter the following formula in Data > Validation > Custom =ABS(A1-(NOW()-INT(NOW())))<(1/(60*24)) In this validated cell now, a person can enter time either by pressing Ctrl+Shift+; or by simply typing in the time entry.  The validation rule is such that it will accept only time which […]

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Sum highest n numbers based on conditions


Assume a two column database with names in column A and numbers in column B.  Names in column A may be repeated.  If a user types a certain name in a cell, a formula should sum the highest three values from column B for that name. Depending upon the version of MS Excel which you are […]

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Return closest numeric match


In range A2:A6, the numbers are 7.5, 2, -12, 11.2 and 8.  In cell B8, a user enters 8.  One may want to answer the following questions: 1. Return the closest number which is less than or equal to the number in cell B8 2. Return the closest number which is greater than or equal to the […]

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Count unique values with conditions


There is a three column database with month in column A, numbers in column B and names in column C.  I want to count unique numbers in column B for a specific month and name provided by the end user. Depending upon the version of MS Excel which you are using, there could be two […]

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LOOKUP where search string appears multiple times


In a list with multiple occurrences, the VLOOKUP() function in Excel will only return the first occurrence of the string being searched. Depending upon the version of MS Excel which you are using, there could be two ways to solve this problem Solution for MS Excel 2010 and higher versions If you are using the […]

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