Author: Ashish Mathur

Determine stock transfer from multiple locations


The objective is to determine the quantity of stock (of a particular type) to be transferred from "Stock surplus" locations to "Stock deficient" ones.  If all the requirements cannot be met from one location, tap other locations.  The final output should show the location from where stock is being transferred.  Furthermore the order of determining "Stock transfer location" is descending order of stock available in "Stock surplus" locations.  Stock available in "Stock surplus" locations should be determined after setting off quantity already transferred to other locations.

For solving this problem, you will have to download and install the morefunc addin from here.  For instructions of installing the addin for Excel 2010, please refer point 4 of the following post.

You may refer to my solution in this workbook.

Transfer specific columns to another workbook based on conditions


One may want to transfer rows of specific columns to another file based on the date mentioned in one column.  Transfer rows which pertain to a specific year into the respective worksheet of another file.

For transferring rows of data from only one worksheet of the source workbook, please refer to files in this zipped folder.

For transferring rows of data from all worksheets of the source workbook, please refer to files in this zipped folder.

Compute Day Sales Outstanding (DSO)


A financial concept, Day Sales Outstanding (DSO), is a measure of the average number of days that a company takes to collect revenue  after a sale has been made.   For further clarification, read here.

Herein, i have presented the solution for two different data layouts.  Further, Layout 2 has two further divisions - one for computing Day Sales Outstanding (DSO) based on historical sales and the other for computing Days of Supply (DOS) based on future Cost of Good Sold (COGS).

You may refer to my solution in this workbook.

Conditional testing without lengthy nested IF functions


Many a times writing nested IF() statements become cumbersome, lengthy and highly prone to errors. 

In worksheet named "Question", one would like to avoid using spare columns for computation of landed value for the three product sources ("CKD", "LMP", "IMP").  While one can use a nested IF() statement, it would be unmanageable because of the length of the formula.

One can have the computations for "CKD", "IMP" and "LMP" reside in a table and then refer to that table within formulas?

You may refer to my solution in this workbook.

You may refer to another example in this workbook.

Determine weekday after factoring in user specified holidays


Given a certain beginning date and specified number of days, one may want to determine the ending date (beginning date plus number of days).  When determining the ending date, the following two cases should be considered

Case 1

Holidays are:

1. Sundays only; and

2. User specified public holidays

Case 2

Holidays user specified public holidays only.  Saturdays and Sundays are working days

If the landing date is any of the two holidays, the result should be the next working day.

You may refer to my solution in this workbook.