Flip minus sign from right to left in a multi column range


In range B3:B7, assume the following values: 12,34-,23,6-,8.  As can be observed, the minus sign is appearing after the number thereby treating 34- and 6- as text values.  The objective is to place the minus sign before the number so that all values in range B3:B7 can be added.  Since data is in one column […]

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Convert multiple columns of numbers into text at once


Assume numbers in range C10:C13 as 12,23,34,45.  Assume numbers in range E10:E13 as 56,67,78,89.  For uploading these two columns (along with other columns as well) into an ERP, C10:C13 and E10:E13 need to be converted to text values i.e. numbers stored as text values. Once way to do this is to: 1. Select C10:C13 and to go Data […]

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