LOOKUP unique data from multiple columns where search string appears multiple times


In a list with multiple occurrences, the VLOOKUP() function in Excel will only return the first occurrence of the string being searched.  Furthermore,  the VLOOKUP() function returns data from one column only. To work with a list where there are multiple occurrences of a particular string and data has to be extracted from multiple columns, […]

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Count entries in a range which exclude certain user defined words


Assume the following sentences in range B2:B6 B2 – This is an Apple Pie B3 – An apple a day keeps a doctor away B4 – These Pears, apples and mangoes are sweet B5 – In this season, prices of mangoes have increased B6 – This is a glass of Guava juice In range B9:B10, type […]

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Determine stock transfer from multiple locations


The objective is to determine the quantity of stock (of a particular type) to be transferred from “Stock surplus” locations to “Stock deficient” ones.  If all the requirements cannot be met from one location, tap other locations.  The final output should show the location from where stock is being transferred.  Furthermore the order of determining […]

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