Create a Pivot Table from multiple worksheets in the same workbook


Assume a workbook with two worksheets – Jan and Feb.  In both the worksheets, the following exist 1. Same number of columns on both worksheets; and 2. Same order of columns on both worksheets; and 3. Same spellings of headings on both worksheets As you can observe in this workbook, all three aspects mentioned above […]

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Computing growth % inside a pivot table


Having created a Pivot Table from a Base_Data sheet, one may want to compute the Account wise and Growth % of 2010 over 2009. There are two ways one can go about answering the question above: Solution A – For Excel 2010 and higher versions – This solution is for those using the PowerPivot MS Excel […]

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Display text entries in the data area of a pivot table


Assume a two column database of approximately 20,000 rows (say from A1:B20237).  The first column has vendor names and the second column has Part codes (alphanumeric string).  Headings are in A1:B1, say Vendor in cell A1 and Part_code in cell B1.  One vendor supplies multiple parts and therefore there would be repetitions of vendor names […]

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