Remove special characters and numbers from an alphanumeric string



Assume the following alphanumeric strings in range A3:A6

A-2222 Mohan 12-4 #$% Singh$%&***
**** Sanchit #$% Pal$%&***
$^%$^$ Sudhir #$% Si$$$ngh$%&***
#@234 Krishan #$% Oman$%&***

In range B3:B6, one may want to extract only the text values i.e. drop special characters and numbers from the values in range A3:A6.  In range B3:B6, the result should be:

A Mohan Singh
Sanchit Pal
Sudhir Singh
Krishan Oman

For solving this problem, you will have to download and install the morefunc addin from here.  For instructions of installing the addin for Excel 2010, please refer point 4 of the following post.

You may refer to my solution in this workbook.

To remove only special characters appearing at the beginning and end, you may refer to my solution at the following link.