In a Pivot Table, compute highest revenue earned on any day from each customer and the date thereof


Here's a simple dataset showing the Date of sale, Customer Name and Sales amount.

Date Customer Name Sales amount
12-03-2017 A 1
12-03-2017 A 2
12-03-2017 A 3
12-03-2017 B 4
12-03-2017 B 5
12-03-2017 B 6
12-03-2017 B 7
12-03-2017 B 8
13-03-2017 A 1
13-03-2017 A 1

The objective is to determine Customer wise:

  1. Highest revenue; and
  2. Date on which that highest revenue was earned

The expected result is

Row Labels Highest revenue Date of highest revenue
A 6 12-Mar-2017
B 30 12-Mar-2017
Grand Total 36

So, for A, revenue earned on March 12, 2017 is 6 and on March 13, 2017 is 2.  Since the higher of the two is 6, that is the result which should appear in the Pivot Table.

I have solved this problem with the PowerPivot.  You may download my solution workbook from here.

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