Summarise data from multiple sheets with one condition – PartII


Assume a worksheet which has scores (1-10) on four future dates on nine questions.  Each row represents responses for one question.  Likewise there are 20 respondents i.e. 20 worksheets which have the same structure.

One may want to summarise data from all 20 worksheets into one worksheet.  The question and solution are more clearly explained in the attached file.

I have presented two cases here – Example 1 and Example 2 in this workbook.

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  • Dear
    i Got a formula i need your help in, i think i confused :
    i have Sheet 1 & Sheet 2 , in Sheet 1 it’s Suppose to calculate from Sheet 2 ( Data ).
    So if i want to calculate How Many Case of (Minor Repair )in sheet 1 , Count on some Day ??? how can i do it ? to reflect the Result automatically in Sheet 2
    i tried to use Count ifs but it’s not working with me.