Applying conditional formatting to column charts


Line of Business (LoB) wise CAGR (%) is shown in range A3:B8.  A benchmark growth rate is shown in cell B11.  The task to show a column chart of the data presented in range A3:B8.  LoB’s with a CAGR (%) greater than the benchmark rate should appear in Green colour and those with a CAGR (%) lesser than the benchmark rate should appear in Red colour.  The colour of the column should change when:

a. Data in range B4:B8; and/or
b. The benchmark rate in cell B11 changes

You may refer to my solution in this workbook.

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  • Ashish – I have a need to show Planned Vs Actual revenue for each quarter for year 2012 in bar chart. If the Actual bar is taller than Planned bar, it should be of GREEN color. If Actual revenue is less than planned, it should be of RED color.

    The need is to show both values – Actual as well as planned.

    Any suggestions on how to do it?