Display auto filter criteria in a cell


Assume data in range D6:E11 – months in D6:D11 and numbers in E6:E11.  Headings are in D5:E5.  On filtering multiple values in column D, one may want to view the filtered criteria in cell (separate criteria by comma for multiple selections in auto filter drop down).

For solving this problem, you will have to download and install the morefunc addin from here.  For instructions of installing the addin for Excel 2010, please refer point 4 of the following post.  This add in will enable us to use the following two functions


You may refer to my solution in this workbook.

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  • Hi,
    In a spread having large column data, when you add filter to 2 or more column. It becomes difficult later on to find out in which all column the filter are active.

    Is their any way by which we can spereatly identify such column and can know which category has been used in filter may be in row above the filter column.