Dynamically extract unique values with multiple conditions


Assume there are two columns with data repeated in all both columns.  One may wan to extract the unique text values from a specific column based on conditions specified by end-user.

Depending upon the version of MS Excel which you are using, there could be two ways to solve this problem

Solution for MS Excel 2010 and higher versions

If you are using the Power Query add-in, then a few simple steps (no formulas at all) can solve this problem.  The result will be dynamic and refreshable (just as in a Pivot Table)

Solution for all versions of MS Excel

While this solution works for all versions of MS Excel, it uses an array formula (Ctrl+Shift+Enter).  Array formulas, if used extensively in the workbook, adversely effect the system’s performance.

You may refer to my solution in this workbook.

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  • Hi Ashish,
    Yes you have provided that detail also. However, I am not able to use the formula (in the 2nd Tab of the workbook attached in this blog)

  • Hi Ashish,

    please find below formula, here i want to add match date range. pls suggest me.

    =COUNTIF(‘Registration Pending’!$G$2:$G$400,Summary_New!H2)