Removing dependent validation list from cell for one case


In cell B6, a user can select one of the following entries from a validation drop down list – Reason1, Reason2 and Reason3.  If the user selects either Reason1 or Reason2, a dependent validation drop down lists should appear in cell C6.  However, if the user select Reason3 in cell B6, the dependent validation list from cell C6 should vanish thereby allowing the user to enter any value in cell C6.

You may refer to my solution in the this workbook.

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  • How can I do the same if I want to make a TERTIARY drop down list in addition to the primary and secondary as shown in your example?

  • Dear Sir,

    I have a doubt in data validation.
    I have applied data validation to a cell from range source. Later can i write other things in the same validated cell manually.