Shade alternate band of rows in a filtered range


Assume the following numbers in range C5:C22.  Heading is in cell C4.

Range C5:C7 – 11
Range C8:C11 – 14
Range C12:C13 – 23
Range C14-C19 – 56
Range C20-C22 – 78

One may want to colour cells for every change in number in range C5:C22 with the following two modifications:

1. Shading should be for alternate band of rows i.e. C5:C7 should be coloured, C8:C11 should not be coloured, C12:C13 should be coloured, C14:C19 should not be coloured and C20:C22 should be coloured.

2. Shading should vary with the range being filtered i.e. If range C5:C22 is filtered to exclude 14 and 56, then numbers 11 and 78 should be coloured i.e. range C5:C7 and C20:C22 should be coloured.

To accomplish this, try the following:

a. Select cell C5 and go to Home > Format > Conditional formatting > New Rule > Use a formula to determine which cells to format

b. In the formula box there, enter the following formula


c. Click on Format and select any Fill colour

d. Click on OK > OK > Apply

e. Copy cell C5, select range C6:C22 and right-click > Paste Special > Formats

With no filter in place, colouring will happen as mentioned in point 1 above.  Auto filter the range now on some values and the colour banding should change.

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  • Hi,

    Is there a video tutorial with explanation why we use certain functions in this formula? It’d be good to understand the strategies on how to approach such problem.

  • Can you adjust this for my data range being B7:DB69, B72:DB75, B78:DB:78,B81:DB81, and B85:DB86? The cell colors would alternate every row, not by selected ranges too.