Story telling with Excel Power BI


With Power Business Intelligence (BI) tools of Excel 2013, one can metamorphose raw data and/or results of complex calculations into stunning and interactive visualizations.  Power View (one of the four components of Power BI) allows one to create a PPT like flow in Excel thus allowing one to weave a story.  To be able to interact with/create visualizations, you will need to install Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 (this version will already have two of the four components of Power BI – PowerPivot and Power View).  Additionally, you will have to install the following add-ins from Microsoft (the other two components of Power BI)

1. Power Query; and
2. Power Map

I have tried to showcase the prowess of Power BI tools of Excel 2013 in these two workbooks:

1. An overview of the BRIC Economies
2. Sales data analysis

You may watch a video of my work at this link

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  • Hi Sir,

    I want to Addon – Power Pivot in my system.

    I am using excel 2010 with 64 Bits

    Could you please send me link to download the same


  • I think I have downloaded Power Query from a MS site. I do not have Excel 2013 (I have 2010) or certain insurance (etc.) as mentioned on a certain (I don’t remember which one) MS-site but apparently that was no problem when I downloaded from the MS site Ashish Mathur mentioned. After downloading I got the message “thank you for downloading” or a message with similar meaning. But … where is that Power Query? I can’t find it at “file”, the first tab of the ribbon) , left column “add ins” (I translated roughly from Dutch,. In the Dutch version it’s the tab “bestand” and there item “invoegtoepassingen”. Please help. Thanks in advance.

    Jack Sons

  • I saw the Power Query forum but I didn’t see the way how to post my question. Please show me how.