Sum the largest 5 of the last 10 numbers in a row ignoring blanks


Assume a single row of data with numbers and blanks appearing at random intervals.  The objective is to sum the largest 5 of last 10 numbers in that row.  Solving this problem entails multiple steps:

  1. Identify the last 10 numbers in that row i.e. starting from the right hand side, identify the last 10 numbers
  2. Identify the largest 5 of those 10 numbers
  3. Sum those largest 5 numbers

Here are the steps

  1. Suppose the numbers and blanks are in range A2:V2
  2. Type 10 in cell X1
  3. Enter this array formula (Ctrl+Shift+Enter) in cell X2


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  • Nice tip. But I think this should also work.


    Assuming data is arranged in A4 to Q4