Sum visible cells of a filtered range ignoring errors


In a multi column database, assume a filter has been applied on some columns.  Post filtering, some error values (such as #DIV/0!, #NA etc.) appear in the one of the numeric columns.   The objective is to sum numbers in a numeric column.  The usual SUM() function would not work because the range of sum function should be error free.  Furthmore, the SUM() function would also include the invisible rows of a filtered range.  The SUBTOTAL(9,range) function would not work either because the range in the SUBOTAL() function should also be error free.

Assume that the database is in range A11:B20.  Column A has been filtered and column B is the column of numbers which also has the error values.

For Excel 2007 and prior versions, the following array formula (confirmed by Ctrl+Shift+Enter) will sum the visible rows a filtered range ignoring error values.


For Excel 2010 and higher versions, the following formula will work


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