Summarise data by most recent status


Here’s a simple 3 column dataset showing Date, ID and Status – the status of each ID by Date.

So, the narrative for ID A is:

  1. It was “New” on Jan 1
  2. It remained “New” until Jan 14
  3. On Jan 15, the status changed to “Open”
  4. It remained “Open” till Jan 31 and the status changed to “Closed” on Feb 1
  5. It remained “Closed” till March 31 and the status changed to “Stop” on April 1
  6. It has remained in ‘Stop” status till Today

Note that for the month of March, there is no record for ID A but the status of it has to be treated as Closed (refer point 5 above).

The objective is to count the number of ID’s by status and month.  The expected result is:

Please note that the trick part here is to get the result as 2 in cell D6 (Status closed for March). I have solved this problem using Power Query and PowerPivot.  Since these two Business Intelligence (BI) tools are available in PowerBI desktop (PBI) as well, you may download a folder with both files (the MS Excel workbook and PBI file) from here.

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