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Story telling with Excel Power BI


With Power Business Intelligence (BI) tools of Excel 2013, one can metamorphose raw data and/or results of complex calculations into stunning and interactive visualizations.  Power View (one of the four components of Power BI) allows one to create a PPT like flow in Excel thus allowing one to weave a story.  To be able to interact with/create visualizations, […]

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Derive end date and time from start date and time, office working hours and lunch breaks


Given the following inputs/restrictions, one may want to compute the end date and time of a project: 1. Start date and time of the project; and 2. Official working hours; and 3. Lunch breaks hours Furthermore, to add to the complication, one may have different National holidays and weekend days i.e. while for some, the weekend […]

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Calculate turn around time excluding Sundays and public holidays


Assume a two column database showing starting date/time and ending data/time (Data/time stamp appear in a single cell).  Given a list of public holidays in a year and starting and ending work times, one may want to know the turn around time excluding Sundays and public holidays. You may refer to my solution in this […]

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Extract number from an alphanumeric string


Given an alphanumeric string, one may want to perform the following Extract phone number from the string Assume a list of customer addresses with multiple phones numbers mentioned in the address field itself.  These numbers may be mobile numbers and/or mobile numbers.  Furthermore, PIN codes may also be mentioned in the address string. One may want […]

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