Sales data modelling and interactive visualisations


Visualise Sales Data of a Non-Alcoholic Beverage Company with basic columnar information such as Date of Sale, Time of Sale, Brand, Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), State, City, Quantity sold, Unit Price and Salesman Code.  In this sales dataset, each line item represents one visit for one SKU.  If nothing is sold in a certain visit, then the SKU […]

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Data slicing and analysis with the Power Pivot


Visualise an MS Excel file with two worksheets: Employee headcount – a multi column dataset with information such as Employee code, Date of Joining, Age, Division, Department and Location.  Each row represents data for one employee.  The number of rows on this worksheet is approximately 700. Training Data – a multi column dataset with information […]

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Story telling with Excel Power BI


With Power Business Intelligence (BI) tools of Excel 2013, one can metamorphose raw data and/or results of complex calculations into stunning and interactive visualizations.  Power View (one of the four components of Power BI) allows one to create a PPT like flow in Excel thus allowing one to weave a story.  To be able to interact with/create visualizations, […]

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Ensure that “Show Value as” feature of the Pivot Table works even when some Pivot Table columns are unfiltered/hidden


Let’s say the data sheet has Sales and Profit data by Product, Region, Salesman and Date.  One may want to analyse the following via a Pivot Table “The Sales Delta by year, month, salesman and product i.e. for May 2012, compute the [Sales in May 2012] less [Sales in May 2011] for every salesman and product.  Do […]

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