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Filter on a column of Date and time values


Assume a three column database – Site ID, Reason & Date and time.  The data is available in range A2:C6 of sheet1 of this workbook.  The objective is to view all those records where Mains failed between 23:00 and 03:00 (irrespective of the date). Applying a Custom Filter > Between on the Data and time column […]

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Derive end date and time from start date and time, office working hours and lunch breaks


Given the following inputs/restrictions, one may want to compute the end date and time of a project: 1. Start date and time of the project; and 2. Official working hours; and 3. Lunch breaks hours Furthermore, to add to the complication, one may have different National holidays and weekend days i.e. while for some, the weekend […]

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