Worksheet formulas in a newly copied worksheet should point to the previous worksheet


Assume a worksheet with formulas referring to the previous worksheet.  When this sheet is copied by right clicking the sheet and selecting Move or Copy > Copy, formulas in this newly created sheet, should change to refer to the previous sheet.

In other words, if sheet2 has formulas referring to sheet1, then when sheet3 is created (by Move or Copy > Copy of sheet2), the formulas in sheet3 should refer to sheet2.

You may refer to my solution and Instructions in this workbook.

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  • I have formated my table to include a cell referencing the current tab name and another cell referencing the previous tab name.

    From there I have a table of products all with pricing. My goal is to reference the previous tab to update the table with a change in pricing column.
    I’m using the following formula.


    Because the “C5” referencing the previous tab is within the “” it is propagating down the list as C5 and not changing to C6… C7… C8 and so on.

    Is there a way to get the formula to update down the column?

    Thank you.

  • Hello, Ashish Mathur!
    I’ve just learned about your website and used this set of formulas showed in this article!
    Amazing job!
    Thank you so much!

  • Hello. I developed a workbook with a worksheet for each pay period of a year and I want my formulas to pick up the cells in the prior month each time. When I copy/paste, it picks up the first sheet only (as an absolute) and not the relative sheet. How do I write the formula to pick up relative sheet and cell?

  • I see where this question has been asked numerous times, but I don’t see the correct answer to the exact question. I have 31 pages of Resident Logs – one for each day they sign out. How can I put the correct day and date of each page throughout the month. ie. Page 1 would be Friday, January 1; Page 2 would be Saturday, January 2; Page 3 would be Sunday, January ; etc. I have to use this formula on numerous documents and it sure would make my life easier if I didn’t have to go page by page changing the day and date.