Sequencing using advanced filters


Assume a three column database of Article Number, Size and Quantity.  The size column may have five sizes - Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL.  Not all sizes will be available for every article number.  The task is to create a three column database in another worksheet, which shows only those article numbers having all five sizes and their respective quantities.

You may refer to the source data and solution in this workbook.

Depending upon the version of MS Excel which you are using, there could be two ways to solve this problem

Solution for MS Excel 2010 and higher versions

If you are using the Power Query add-in, then a few simple steps (no formulas at all) can solve this problem.  The result will be dynamic and refreshable (just as in a Pivot Table).

Solution for all versions of MS Excel

This solution uses the SUMPRODUCT() and Advanced Filters.

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